Silverlight treeviewitem not updating dating mailing list

The images in the list can also be reordered by simple drag & drop operations and images can be dragged from the List Box onto another category to move the image from one category to another.For now, we’ll leave the ‘Save’ button in place, but a better UX may be to split the editing of categories/image data into dialogs and auto-save any drag & drop interactions.Give it a try and let me know if you have any more questions Regards, Pavel R.When a property is changed through my property grid, I want to make sure the tree is up to date. I’m not biologist and I know nothing about plant classification, but it doesn’t matter in our context.

Parent elements call this method from their Arrange Core implementation (or a WPF framework-level equivalent) to form a recursive layout update.Before I start showing what’s wrong with MVVM in Silverlight and WPF and how to overcome it, I would like to define my position on subject: MVVM is a great pattern, WPF and Silverlight control’s library which is shipped with NET 4.0 is far from perfect for data binding development (especially Silverlight’s). To demonstrate this let’s try to develop some real life application using MVVM.After 2 minutes of thinking I decided to develop a plant classification application.In my previous two articles, I covered using Drag & Drop for both the List Box and the Tree View controls, leveraging the Silverlight Toolkit’s Items Control Drag Drop Target derived classes to provide a rich user experience [UX].In this article, I want to tie the two technologies together to provide a rich UX for editing categories and an associated item, in this case, Images.private void rad Property Grid Node_Property Value Changed(object sender, Property Grid Item Value Changed Event Args e) Refresh() does not work.

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