Sfu teacher updating program


Current tuition fees are found in the UBC Calendar: Non-Degree Studies Tuition.

If you have additional questions regarding tuition and fees for Non-Degree or Unclassified studies, please contact Enrolment Services. Certain additional fees apply to students who take courses on campus.

Or, why not choose something brand new to add to your professional skills!

The 30-credit diplomas listed on this site do not lead to teacher certification; but if you are a teacher, they will lead to a category upgrade with the Teacher Qualification Service.

The British Columbia Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation has devoted itself to providing teachers with useful resources to help them integrate important concepts related to food, the agriculture industry and environmental sustainability into their classrooms.

Test takers are required to choose the one correct answer - A, B or C.

Sometimes, test takers are given a longer list of possible answers and told that they have to choose more than one.

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of teachers working in school districts and educators working in other settings.

With programs in a variety of teaching specializations that range from early childhood, through school-aged children, to educating adults, there is a program that will deliver the skills you want.

Staff Directory information is provided solely to assist people to contact one another.

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