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And while the songs weren’t new, they weren’t culled from the back catalog of some ’60s rock group or ’80s boy band.

Rudin and his co-producers looked at the numbers and decided they couldn’t shoulder the losses — or recover them once Mc Donald returned.Most chatlines offer male callers a 30 to 60 minute free trial.If you are experiencing crisis or distress, consider connecting with your supporters and reviewing your crisis plan, if you have one. In the future, we'll be introducting new features to the site including; peer to peer support in a social media style, online chat, self assessment tools and more ways to engage with your mates. Sign up to find out when new things happen online at Youthline!Not since Ford's Theater has so much furor erupted from a politician attending a play.With Vice President-elect Mike Pence, an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage who has supported diverting federal funding from HIV and AIDS groups to conversion therapy, seated in the audience for Friday night's performance of , King George III actor Rory O'Malley had to stop the song briefly after the crowd "went nuts" at the line "When your people say they hate you, don't come crawling back to me" and ask them to stop booing. The president-elect of the United States just deleted a tweet going after a Broadway play for the 12th hour straight Zs G2Q8— Marlow Stern (@Marlow NYC) November 20, 2016But Pence responded in an interview on Fox News that he wasn't offended at Friday night's event, calling Hamilton "an incredible production" and telling his kids when they heard boos "that's what freedom sounds like."And original cast member Christopher Jackson, who gives his last performance as George Washington Sunday, summed up his cast's statement as "citizens appealing to their future VPOTUS with respect and clarity."Just LISTEN to the words!

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