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It's a happy medium between snarky brother-sister battles and fantasy adventure. Even though it's not aimed at older teens, I know I was just as amused as my sibs would have been! As anyone who has seen Constantine will know, Reeves is developing a flair for this sort of role.He is now in his mid-forties, and his face and frame are a little fuller, his elegantly decaying noble-savage features increasingly adept at radiating tarnished idealism, and there's also a volatility to him that seems to be growing with the years.Some of the time they’d go over someone else’s shoulder and they had this team of 10 or so doubles at various points.: Freddie actually got it down to fine T; he was in and out of makeup in like 29 seconds, I think we got it down to. I mean, we did have some splitscreens and the tennis ball was our best friend at the end of the day, because it would be our eye line for the opposite twin, although we did, as Freddie said, had a double for the opposite twin, just to act off and look at, which was fine.Actually it worked out much better; I think the goblins were trickier.the characters are gonna look like, but I mean you really do have no idea – I mean the illustrations gave us a helping hand in the process, but really had no idea what it was gonna be like. I have to admit when I watched that film I didn’t blink the whole time, I was in shock! Montreal was fantastic, but there was little to do for people our age, so we go up to one another’s families and watch Mark’s movies.The CGI were fantastic; Phil Tippet, Mark Waters, they did a fantastic job. Just Like Heaven is one of our favourites.: I thought it was quite a slow process.

I mean in that way, it wasn’t much different than a normal film, although, the trickiest thing is when they’re in the same shot at the same time.

For me, I was quite impressed at the end that everything worked out, when it gets put together.

The twins and the CGI was challenge for everyone, I think a real learning process, but in the end I think we did a good job.

There has been one lady who surely can’t take your eyes off the screen.

Sarah Bolger who is popularly known as Lady Mary and Princess Aurora has been associated with us since her childhood and with such a long term association comes challenges and news.

Always a part of media for various reasons Sarah was not left behind even with pregnancy rumours .

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