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Julie Chen said that CBS hopes to revamp the Big Brother series because the series has gotten a little stale over the past few season.

Chen agreed with the Big Brother fans that the show has become too predictable.

CBS released a preview with clips from Seasons 15-18, including the digital season, Over The Top.Actually, that’s probably exactly what they were expecting…” Yes.Brandon was cast for this episode, basically, which gets Survivor closer to being scripted than it ever has been before.Last season was an example of everything that’s great about Survivor: the right kind of returnees; strong casting; and smart challenges, game play, and social strategy.Survivor Caramoan‘s fifth episode last night was the culmination of everything that has been wrong with Survivor in recent years, all magnified and held up into the light so that it’s deepest ugliness was clearly revealed.For the record, Jeff Probst said pre-season that because Brandon “was so combustible,” “we all kind of thought, hmmm, not sure we should ever bring him back.

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