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Season One of Infinite Challenge was called the Rash Challenge (무모한 도전).

This season usually involved the members attempting to complete extreme challenges, such as racing against a train.

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If you are on the right day and the form doesn’t appear though: if you’re using Google Chrome: refresh until it appears, if it still doesn’t appear after a few try (this goes for any other browsers) switch browsers to Firefox or Internet Explorer (It works all the time on IE as most Korean websites are optimized for IE).1.Check out profiles of HIV singles who want to meet new people; browse photos and galleries; have a serious talk with someone new; or just a relaxing chat with that cute guy you’ve been checking out or perhaps a casual video chat with that beautiful woman you noticed on public chat.There are so many opportunities to start a new romance here at POS Date – use them and enjoy!Explaining everything to a cute guy or a gorgeous girl every time you want to make a move on someone can be exhausting and crush every hope of connecting on a deeper level.But thanks to POS Date you can easily get in touch with people who will consider your status a non-issue!As indicated in our FAQ, we are updating this tutorial only ONCE every 2 MONTHS.

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