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It comes with a main website (allowing the users to sign up and having different other pages), user admin panel (with multiple features for the registered users to make searches, send messages, friend requests, edit their profile and photos etc.) and main administration panel (allowing the administrator to manage the website, the users, site pages and languages and the different configuration options).PHP Dating Site is written in PHP and is using a My SQL database to store the data.We understand that simply using the ready-to-go script may not fulfill all your niche market requirements.Our solution for Dating Clone is highly scalable and can easily be customized for your specific requirements.and not just basic php scripts you can find all over the web. Our versatile technology blueprint enables you to get started with your Online Dating website and/or mobile apps with custom front-end UI, advanced admin dashboards, powerful analytics panels etc.p H7CMS is a Professional, Free and Open Source PHP Social Dating Software primarily designed for Web Developers and Webmasters.This Social Dating Web App Software is fully coded in object-oriented PHP (OOP) with the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller).

With p H7CMS, starting a Social Dating Service has never been easier!For Dating Clone, apart from the default revenue model, you may also want to consider banner advertisements, membership plans or commission based revenue module integration to maximize your profits.Our business experts can help here, so that you can go to market with confidence. We assume full responsibility of your project from business analysis to design, development, deployment, hosting, maintenance and beyond.The website and the mobile apps has the following features Big landing logo of your site , can be edited by the admin panel The script auto detect your visitor city IP based but it is very accurate also detect your visitor language by the browsers headers Shows latest registered users profile photo for show some people activity in the site By default the script support unlimited languages it comes with 48 languages pre-translated but sadly i dont speak 48 languages so i used google tranlsate for achieve that, you can modify/activate/deactivate all the languages in the admin panel By default the script php session is lifetime so the users are autologged in, but if the user go to the site with other deviece or has deleted the cookies here they can login and also social connect If you have build and uploaded your apps to the stores you can add the links in the admin panel and the images with the links will be displayed Register button for new users, they can register by email and you can set via the admin panel if they have to verify the email before access the site Display all the users in the site as online users for a marketing move You can edit the video background from the admin panel, you get 4 videos included in the script By default the script is prepared to manage 2 account types, premium and free user,via the admin panel you can set what they can do as free or premium user You can set how much new conversation can start each account type You can set who can start a videocall You can set who can view the private photos of other users You can set who can view of someone liked them You can set who can view of someone visited them You can set who view the advertise on your site Here is the list of the features that cost credits, you can set the price in credits in the admin A successfully dating site must have active users, it dont worth to spend money in marketing if you have 0 users in the site because they will left because no users to see, we made the most complete fake user system , here is the details Remeber fake users are always showed after your real users Yes is true we have more than 10 millions users around the globe with full profile information and mostly of them with multiple photos but most important new photos, yes if you get young profiles you will get photos with snapchat filters haha If you enable the feature, your fake users will come to life as frankestein, auto reply to your real users using artificial inteligence and they will never find out that is a robot chatting, guarantee!PHP Dating Site is a complete web system for creating advanced and modern online dating websites.Be rest assured that our development and support teams are always available with prompt response.

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