Dating of documents


They can be central elements in contract provisions that state when conditions must be fulfilled and when payment must be made.But while it is important to be accurate when specifying dates, you don't have to worry much about writing them in any particular way.

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Similarities in paper type, colour, content, fibres, sizes etc can yield valuable information when determining similarities or differences between papers.To do this, they used BICĀ® ballpoint pens, one of the most common makes and, therefore, the most widely used in documents subjected to legal examination.Re: dating and signing documents It depends on the kind of the year of our Lord one thousand two hundred and fifteen (or, 1215 AD) Top of page Numbers were expressed in Roman numerals throughout the period covered by this tutorial.Arabic numerals ('1', '2', '3' etc.) were also used in England from the sixteenth century onwards.In standard form documents, a blank space is generally left for the date to be filled in by the person completing the form.

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