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And if you’re curious to see a bit of my journey get filled in on the action on this season of #blackinkcrew coming January 18th.

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During a basketball lesson, they almost kissed and she was revealed to like him back. Josh: The mango really brings out your eyes.(Maddie laughs and Josh puts his arm around her.) Josh and Maddie: (singing) Oh, Goofy Garry's for family fun, the fun time there is never done! Josh, excitedly, agrees to go on a date with Maddie, and they become a couple.

Then in Vive-La-Rooney, Josh and Maddie admitted their feelings for each other to her dad, with Maddie saying Josh liked her and he asked for advice. After shooting a scene for Voltage at school, Josh tries to find Maddie to talk about their first date, which Liv teases him about.

Josh tried to get over his extreme fears in order to be with Maddie and had the courage to tell her how he truly felt. Josh and Maddie flirt, talking about their date and he tells her that since she beat him at a game of Treehouse Horse, (referring to Vive-La-Rooney) she has to plan the date.

Maddie said she was finally ready to move on, she and Josh admitted their true feelings for each other, Maddie asked Josh out, and they started dating. Maddie is nervous about her first date with Josh and asks Joey for help, which leads him to tell her they need a place where they can be alone.

We are here to make you believers though, not that it would take a lot of effort considering that we have seen the pictures, the resemblance and we have witnessed the drama.

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Shai stays with her mum across the country and at times it is really hard for the star, he told Oprah, ‘ It’s so hard — I Skype with [Shai] and I just wish that I could just reach in there and grab her little self.’ Nevertheless, the star makes a lot of effort to make it work, this we know because social media tells us so.

The oldest known melody with an appropriate theme dating back to around 1719 is an opera piece, “The Kingdom of the Birds”, found in Thomas D’Urfey’s songs collection “Wit and Mirth: Or Pills to Purge Melancholy” Old Mac Donald had a farm, EE-I-EE-I-O, And on that farm he had a [animal name], EE-I-EE-I-O, With a [animal noise twice] here and a [animal noise twice] there Here a [animal noise], there a [animal noise], everywhere a [animal noise twice] Old Mac Donald had a farm, EE-I-EE-I-O.

beautifully glowing, and still bad-ass, at nine months?

Our fave dope tattoo artist gave birth to a beautiful boy named Kai on August 25th, 2016.

Yes, Lauren London wasn’t the only one to have a low-key baby last year.

In Home Run-A-Rooney, Maddie and Josh went on their first date to a basketball match, which included a do-over first date, since the date didn't go so great the first time. Josh: (leans closer to Maddie, smiles) Take that back. Maddie and Josh go to a charity baseball game, but when they both try to catch a home run ball by Josh's favourite player, Brandon Crawford, Maddie pushes him out of the way to catch it.

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