Apps in itunes not updating


Here's how to get some of that space back, and why it disappeared to begin with.

For me, it was just a bad habit that I started when I first started downloading apps from the App Store, years ago.

Each time Apple releases an i Tunes update, new features, bug fixes and support for new devices are added to the software. In some cases, i Tunes will prompt you to update on its own with a pop up window informing you of the update. ‚Äč On a Mac, i Tunes updates are performed via the App Store program that comes bundled with Macs.

And with i Cloud, your notes are always up to date.

What's more, my Mac was the hub of our household Home Sharing network, so my wife and kids would often copy new downloads from my i Tunes library rather than having to retrieve a copy from the App Store themselves.

The fact is, though, Apple keeps track of what you download from the App Store.

You probably have gigabytes of wasted space in your i Tunes library, and you don't even know it. If you routinely download apps through i Tunes, think twice about what you're doing.

You probably have wasted a lot more space than you need to.

There are so many error codes related to Android Market Aka Google Play Store and one of common errors is Error 927 while downloading or updating apps like Viber, Facebook, Whats App in Google Play Store.

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