Adware se not updating

The first sign you will see that criminals are interested in infecting your Mac OS X computer is if you see a pop-up like this appear while you are browsing the web: Following the phoney alert's advice to download an Adobe Flash update from a site you have never heard of is, of course, unwise.

The beauty of this approach, from the criminals' point of view, is that the attack doesn't rely upon any software vulnerability or exploit.

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Even if you don't run Flash on your computer, you've surely seen the many headlines in the tech media over the years of the importance of keeping Adobe Flash (and its Acrobat PDF Reader stablemate) updated to protect against malicious attack.Apple maintains a tight control over the content uploaded to the App store and most content found there can be generally regarded as safe.Of course, there could always be some exceptions of the norm, but they are just that – exceptions that don’t happen that often.We would appreciate it if you would honour our efforts with a moderate donation.A Twitter user named Ciro Urdaneta made a concerning discovery on Friday: In other words, it seems that Mac Update, long considered to be one of the only remaining trustworthy download aggregation sites for the Mac, has succumbed to the same plague that has ruined most of the others: adware. Urdaneta’s hints, I sought out the Skype page on the Mac Update site and downloaded the app.Instead, social engineering is being used to trick the unsuspecting user into unwittingly downloading and running a bogus version of Adobe Flash — designed to infect their computer with scareware.

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