Diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at age 61, the former psychologist courageously shares an account of his slow transformation and deterioration and the growing division between his world and the world of others.

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Are these innovative words asking too much of the reader? We have been shielded too long from the mysteries of Alzheimer's disease; these fresh words compel us to shed our misperceptions and enter into the world of those who command our attention. Taylor's beautiful language and poignant reflections, we approach some clarity about the long neglected and misunderstood phenomenological experience of those living with Alzheimer's disease."--Naomi D. D., Psychologist, Baylor College of Medicine (01/01/2001)"Such a personal telling of a tale . These poignant essays come from the heart and the soul of a sensitive and intellectually gifted man who has become a national champion and advocate for the millions of people living with this disease."--Lind L. D., CTRS, FGSA, Professor of Health Science, Florida Gulf Coast University (01/01/2001)"[These essays] have given me lots of insight as to what goes on inside my mom's mind.

It's hard being on the outside trying to figure out what's going on inside."--Debra K., family caregiver (01/01/2001)"Among the millions with this cruel disease, Richard is rare in that his preserved memory, language, and thinking skills made possible these essays about his experience of the disease.

Taylor's words shed light on a very dark experience and the reader is led out of the darkness by his frankness, his humor, and most of all his spirit -alive within me.- His penetrating and pleading comments related to care giving cause the reader to take a deep breath, pause, and move forward with much greater insight into the complexity of these emotional relationships. Part Eric Berne, part Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond, part the final movement of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde, this work moves one to tears.---David O. D., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center-Doody's Review Service- (01/01/2001)-After reading this book I have come to the conclusion that this is perhaps the most important book in the field of dementia care ever written ... Taylor writes with passion and humor about a wide range of topics that capture the experience of living with a diagnosis of -probable Alzheimer's disease- ...

There are the lucky few whose divorces are completely amicable and the ex-couple remains great friends, realizing they were just no longer a good match for each other.

His questions, yearnings, satisfactions, regrets, challenges, humor, and provocations are warnings we all must head."--Laura S., caregiver (01/01/2001)"Written with sensitivity, humor, and passion, Alzheimer's from the Inside Out describes the author's sometimes bumpy, but always insightful, journey with Alzheimer's disease. W., co-author, The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's Care (01/01/2001)"I thought I understood what life was like for my Alzheimer's-affected parents-until Richard's story enlightened me with insight into an unimaginable world.

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