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* Parents have the power to get school rules changed* 'No need' for school uniforms Uniforms don't represent education - many countries don't use them and still educate their children successfully.Non-uniform schools are rare in Canterbury, and zoning means you don't choose a school.Consequently, the police uniform influences attitudes and behaviors of the wearers as well as the citizens with whom they interact.

My mission here is to ensure the safety and well-being of all students, faculty and staff, which I do not take lightly,” Hallman said. Burton that her dealings with the University were not a police matter.Consequently, when the uniform and officer's attitude are altered, there will be a corresponding change in the citizen's attitude toward the police.The attitude of the officer, in conjunction with the uniform, exerts considerably more influence on the citizen's attitude than does the uniform, officer's attitude, or any additional factor acting independently.How is being proud of one's school uniform any different from being proud of a new branded jacket?READ MORE: * School uniforms - a blessing or a curse?Why be proud of something that is foisted upon you?

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